Kingsize - обложка
Студия:JD Productions
Торрент: скачать помочь сайту
Райдеры:  Alex Schmaltz, Beckna, Bjorn Mortensen, Chris Kröll, Daniel Mikkelsen, Eric Themel, Gian Simmen, Ile Eronen, Jocki Köffler, Lukas Goller, Marc Andre Tarte, Marco Schwab, Michi Albin, Nicolas Müller, Steve Gruber
Описание: From the producers of "Moment's Notice" (2000), "Desired Effect" (2001) and "primEvil" (2002) comes "Kingsize," a 16mm snowboarding movie, produced and directed by Marco Lutz of JD Pictures. A complete master of his trade, Lutz and crew stand-alone in moviemaking by delivering it all-- the very best action from rails, kickers and transitions to inspiring awesome big mountain riding. Blowing you away with a night-time sequence that changes the face of snowboard filmmaking, Lutz further pushes boundaries with a series of introductions to riders that are straight out of blockbuster movies. This film is the best of Lutz's now legendary camera work and editing in motion. "Kingsize" lifts you from your seat and takes you along for the ride. Blended together with a soundtrack that effortlessly moves from future favorites yet to be discovered, to classics of the past that will have you searching your local record store. "Kingsize" feeds your imagination and keeps you going until you next hit the mountains.

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