Committed - обложка
Студия:Strait Jacket Films
Торрент: пока нету
Райдеры:  Brandon Bybee, Brett Butcher, Danny Garrity, Dean Barbier, Guillaume Brochu, Jason Murphy, JF Fortin, Mason Aguirre, Max Henault, Mikko Rajakangas, Shaun White, Simone Chamberlain, Travis Robison
Описание: Another progressive film comes to you from the makers of Unleashed , Road to madness and Daily Dose. For the 2004/2005 season, Strait Jacket Films brings you Committed, a film containing some of the most underground, up-and-coming riders, as well as some of the best pros out making their mark on the snowboarding world today. Committed will bring you amazing riders attempting the most consequential city and park handrails as well as the best jumps of the season! Committed also features a variety of HUUUUGE backcountry powder kickers and some crazy snowmobiling by your favorite riders.

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