Patchwork Patterns

Patchwork Patterns - обложка
Торрент: пока нету
Райдеры:  Andre Spinelli, Ben Bogart, Bina Basler, Brett Butcher, Gus Engle, Jed Hoffman, Jesse Burtner, Johnny Miller, Luke Mathison, Mark Thompson, Scott Stevens, Sean Genovese, Stacy Thomas
Описание: Patchwork Patterns DVD Think Tank Think Thank’s third video release “Patchwork Patterns” is a celebration of creativity and skill. Filmed all over the globe the Think Thank riders take snowboard expression to a whole new level. With never before seen tricks and spots “Patchwork Patterns” asks you to look at snowboarding with fresh eyes and enjoy it like never before. Driven by fast percussion, cutting edge rock, and underground hip hop, “Patchwork” flies at you as a bizarre, intriguing and amusing, look into a ground breaking/ experimental season for snowboarding’s most known, “un-known”, crew. Featuring: Gus Engle, Ben Bogart, Brett Butcher, Luke Mathison, Sean Genovese, Jesse Burtner, Johnny Miller, Jed Hoffman, Andre Spinelli, Scott Stevens, Mark Thompson, Bina Basler, Stacy Thomas and many more. Between the chaos of the natural world and the mathematical precision that makes it work, there exists “Patchwork Patterns”. Filmed on location in: Ballard, Flattop, Idaho, Europe, Canada, Alaska, Tahoe, Montana, and everywhere else.

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