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It never intended to be released; it was never intended to be free.funny how things work out.

In the spring of 2001, a bunch of boarders and skiers got together for a little photo and film session at a remote destination in the land of the midnight sun. One of the guys had a mini DV camera; another dude brought along a laptop and a third guy put it all together.

After a little clip was made, one of the best extreme snowboarders around, J.J Henttonen, suggested that we'd produce a full-length film with both skiers and boarders in it. Everyone agreed that it couldn't be for much profit due to the hard facts that no one had any clue about producing films. We simply had to go with zero tolerance on expenses.

Hexi Salokangas, an ex-bump skier, who turned into a freeskier, who turned into a movie producer, founded HRNegative films, which became the company we all started 'working' for. However, there was still a distribution problem; how could we distribute the film evenly around the globe? Buying a shit load of tapes, stamps and envelopes wasn't going to cut it. Pro freestyle skiers Ari Kananen and Late Lassila, inspired by Napster, KaZaa and other kick-ass file sharing programs, thought that free downloads over the Internet would be the way to go with films as well.

After spending a year and half gathering footage from wherever they could get it, the dice was rolled to Ari, who almost single handedly edited all the pieces together. At the same time, our Webmaster Antti, who happens to be Ari's brother, used a bit of his magic with the code and completed the design for this site. Honestly, this dude can make even shit smell like roses if he's given a computer and an Internet connection.

Before the release of the first part of Solid Powder, this site had gathered 200.000 page views within its existence in 10 months. This number more than doubled within 8 days of the launch of Part I. Encouraging stats aside, the bottom line is that the film involved the work and contribution of hundreds of people around the world. Without their commitment and support the film would have never been completed. Thanks!

Here's some food for thought about the making of Solid Powder:

- Budget of the entire project was $ 2700. That's right, two-seven-zero-zero U.S

- Roughly 50 % of footage was filmed with regular mini DV-cameras. The other half consist of footage captured with 3 CCD mini DV's.

- The entire edit was done with a regular home PC using Premier 6.5 as software. The funny part is that we couldn't even afford a proper video edit card! You may try to imagine our frustration when we discovered that a tape full of sick stuff could not be used, 'cause we didn't have NTSC- format capturing capabilities.

- We haven't done any paid advertising for promoting our film. We just didn't have the money to so it, so we've fully relied on discussion forums, magazine articles and word-of-mouth information.

- As you might have already figured out, no one's getting any money out of this. For us, the idea about a free film over the Internet created a challenge and we wanted to prove to ourselves that we'd have it in us to see it through. We did it for the love of snow, tricks and good vibe.

Keep it tight, keep it real, and keep it free.

- The guys behind solidpowder.com
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